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15 January 2009 @ 10:55 pm
TITLE; Broken Yolk
AUTHOR; basicaquatics / attica
LINK; Here
“You know that love really isn’t what they say it is, right? In the books? In the fairytales? Nobody comes and rescues you from your tower. Nobody fights off a big bad witch or even slays a dragon.” A story in which everyone wants someone other than the one they’re with. G/D/Hr/H.
You know that love really isn’t what they say it is, right? In the books? In the fairytales? Nobody comes and rescues you from your tower. Nobody fights off a big bad witch or even slays a fucking dragon. The problem is that everyone does what they can to make a show of it, to make love extravagant, like it’s a show that everyone has to watch. Why can’t love be. . . hidden? A secret? Since when did love have to be shouted from every corner of the room? And if they can’t see love, why do they have to doubt it – assume it isn’t there? 

12 June 2008 @ 02:49 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: Pigeons and Crumbs
AUTHOR: Jenwryn
LINK: Here
STATUS: One-shot
SUMMARY:Hermione/Draco. Five years have passed since the Battle of Hogwarts, and Hermione is somehow adrift in the world. Which is when Malfoy turns up. This is very quiet fic, perhaps a bit melancholic.
They sat in silence, watching a handful of pigeons wandering around the tables and in search of dropped crumbs. The girl brought the coffee. Malfoy helped himself to the rest of Hermione's sugar, stirred it in, and then took a mouthful. He pulled a face, "Good God and you drink here voluntarily?"

Hermione shrugged. "It's cheap."

"Yes," he agreed darkly. "And there's a good reason why. Now I understand the need for the sugar."
12 June 2008 @ 02:36 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: Malfoys Don't Cry
AUTHOR: xfortytwo
LINK: Here
STATUS: One-shot
SUMMARY: Draco is the perfect image of a Malfoy, but there is one thing that his father could never forgive. Except now there are two things. Because Malfoys never cry. Right?!
“I want to see her,” Draco demanded. “I’m the baby’s father. Draco Malfoy.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Adding your name to every sentence isn’t going to help, you know.”

The medi-witch just smiled, though, and it turned even wider as she inclined her head a bit.

“Mrs. Granger-Malfoy told me the father was a redhead.”

Draco felt as if all air had been punched out of his gut, and his face twisted into a horrified grimace of pain. Then, suddenly, the medi-witch laughed.

“That’s exactly what she said your face would look like, Mr. Malfoy,” she said between fits of laughter. “I assure you, your wife is in good spirit and there is nothing to worry about.”
12 June 2008 @ 02:23 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: What If You Could Have Wished Me Away
AUTHOR: xfortytwo
LINK: Here
STATUS: Completed
SUMMARY: A hooded stranger shows up at Hermione and Ginny's flat one evening, delivering strange warnings. Unfortunately, the warnings make all too much sense to Hermione. She has a secret, and it's about to get unraveled in an attempt to save her life. DHr.

“You’ve been mad for weeks cause you thought I didn’t wear it, and now you’re asking me why I am?” Hermione asked, feeling almost angry at his reaction.

He merely looked at her, clearly not knowing what to reply.

“I’m wearing it cause you gave it to me,” she answered when he never said anything in reply to her question. “Because it matters to me. Because you matter to me, whatever it is we have.”

She looked up and met his uncertain gaze. Their eyes locked instantly, making her feel oddly tense. She suddenly grew aware of how close he was standing, and she felt the necklace hit her chest as he let go of it and wrapped his arms around her instead. Still with their eyes locked together, her heart raced quickly in her chest, each heavy thud reminding her that he was embracing her.

His lips closed over hers, and she gave in without a moment’s doubt. She pressed herself closer, answering his kiss hungrily. Their tongues entwined, engaging in a wild game of seduction. Her entire body quivered, and she ran her hand through his hair, gripping it desperately in the need to cling to him. Hermione slowly felt her control slip away under his wandering hands, the heat from his body and his intoxicating scent. She lolled her head back when his lips caressed her neck, trailing a path of kisses from her jaw line down to her collarbone. She heard herself moan, and pressed her hands under his shirt, ravelling in the feeling of his skin. When he found her lips again she grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, breaking their kiss just long enough to get it off.
12 June 2008 @ 02:12 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: We Learned the Sea
AUTHOR: floorcoaster
LINK: Here
STATUS: Completed
SUMMARY: Draco Malfoy turns himself in after a very successful career as a Death Eater, then enlists Harry and Hermione to help him in a scheme to bring down the Dark Lord. DHr. A story of forgiveness.

A small, “No,” was all she managed. She sat in silence, thinking about what had transpired upstairs. He had almost kissed her, she was now sure of it. But why would he do that? Was it possible he cared that much for her? Surely not. It was just the moment that must have confused him. And her. He was comforting her, and she was glad that he hadn’t killed his father. And she told herself this over and over, but it didn’t clear everything. There was the fact that her heart was still racing at the thought of how close he’d been. At the thought that he might have kissed her. And slowly, she admitted to herself that a part of her had wanted him to kiss her. That wasn’t good.
09 January 2008 @ 06:28 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: Hypotheticals
AUTHOR: Jenwryn
LINK: Here
STATUS: One-shot.
SUMMARY: Hermione is studying late at night in the library, and finds herself have a very strange conversation with Draco Malfoy; set during one of the later years of their schooling at Hogwarts. Quietly shippy.


She looked at him, then shrugged, and decided that if he was being civil, so could she. “I’ve a paper due tomorrow and somehow it didn’t get done.” Which was the truth. It was a mystery to her how it had happened, but somehow she’d never put it on her to-do list and had completely forgotten about it.

He nodded. “What’s it on?”

She paused and glanced back down at her notes, suddenly incapable of remembering. “Er – history. Troll rebellions. It’s not all that fascinating but–"

“–useful to know.”

She blinked at him and wondered suddenly if perhaps he’d been hit on the head and was suffering a mild concussion. Then she managed to nod. “Yes. Exactly.”
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28 December 2007 @ 07:13 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: The Witness and the Wife
AUTHOR: marmaladefever
LINK: Here
STATUS: Completed.
SUMMARY: When Hermione discovers an inebriated Malfoy, she helps him get into a witness protection program. Little does she know she's about to be assigned as his wife.

Tibbs shrugged. “Easily remedied.” With that, he plucked a single hair from Malfoy’s head and began fiddling around with several potions, adding a bee wing and a bird’s feather to the concoction. Then, when he’d finished stirring, he checked his watch and there was a small explosion in his cauldron. Out of it he pulled a single lozenge. “Miss Granger,” he said, offering it to her.

Hermione looked skeptically at it, but placed it in her mouth nonetheless and waited for it to dissolve. “Cherry flavor,” she remarked dryly, and Tibbs just nodded. He went off to fetch another potion while they waited for the lozenge to dissolve. Malfoy sent her a quizzical look and she shrugged.

“All gone?” Tibbs asked upon returning.

“Yes,” Hermione answered, as soon as the last bit had dissolved.

“Good. Now just a half-teaspoon of aging potion—”

“What for?” Malfoy interrupted.

Tibbs blinked at him. “Why, to age the fetus, of course. To make it six weeks old.”

Hermione’s face froze. “Fetus?” she gasped. “Isn’t this supposed to make me appear pregnant? WHY WOULD THERE BE A FETUS?” she barked.

Tibbs blinked again. “I thought you knew. That was a pregnancy lozenge. You are now carrying Mr. Malfoy’s child.” He paused. “Now if you’ll please take this,” he said, offering the aging potion to her.

Hermione’s eyes bulged. “What did you just say?” she demanded. Next to her, Malfoy had gone stark white.

“Assuming you take this potion, you will be giving birth in seven and a half months,” Tibbs explained again. He handed her the half-teaspoon, which she downed.

Hermione clenched her fists and turned to the surprisingly pale man beside her. “MALFOY!” she screamed. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” That said, she made a violent lunge toward him, but he seemed to regain his senses and dove away with those stinking Quidditch reflexes of his.
06 September 2007 @ 10:39 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: Dead Girls Don't Matter
LINK: Here
STATUS: One-shot
SUMMARY: Draco has a job to finish.
And that had been where Draco had come in, playing the fallen prodigal son. He had gone to Potter and his friends with offers of assistance in their fight against Voldemort's forces. As was to be expected, none of them had believed his story for one second. Weasley had wanted to curse him on sight, and Potter hadn't been much better. Only Granger had been a voice of reason, even as she had eyed Draco with the same suspicion her friends had held, and she had convinced them that having someone who knew the inner workings of the Death Eaters could be an asset.

It took him weeks to win her trust. Months to win her friendship. And years to win...whatever she had offered to give him in the end of all things.
28 August 2007 @ 07:41 pm
[recommended by:elvishly]
TITLE: Beneath Your Window
LINK: Here
SUMMARY: Hermione's life gets turned upside down, and she sees no other option than to leave it behind to sort out her own feelings. What happens when it turns out she's not the only one running from life?
“See, this is why I don’t date,” she exclaimed, pointing her fork at him with a slightly amused glint in her eyes. “It’s just a whole lot of misunderstandings and expectations not being met. And not to mention the embarrassment.”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s not that bad. Plus all the bad dates are forgotten once you really connect with someone. If you don’t try and fail, you will never know what it’s like to succeed.”

She watched him with raised eyebrows as he chewed meticulously.

“Since when did you turn into the never-wavering optimist?”

“I believe it was around the time you turned into a grumpy, old prude.”

“I am certainly not a grumpy, old prude,” she called indignantly, reaching into the casserole for another taste.

“Come on,” he laughed, one of those rare occasions where his strangely perfect teeth showed. “You don’t give any guy a chance. You’ve condemned dating without ever going on a real one, and you haven’t had any fun in ages.”

“How do you know how much fun I’ve had?”

“Oh yeah, when’s the last time you got some?”

She gaped at him as his shoulders shook with amusement.

“I... That is... You... hmpf!”

She glared at him in indignation as he smirked smugly, enjoying his sweet victory.

“It’s not like I’d run from my train wreck of a relationship and straight into some... some... booty call.”

Her glare grew fiercer when he guffawed at her comment.

“Stop laughing at me, you buffoon.”

“You said booty call,” he chuckled, shaking his head repeatedly. “I never thought the day would come... the glorious day when I would hear Head Girl Virgin Extraordinair say booty call.”
28 August 2007 @ 07:36 pm
[recommended by: elvishly]
TITLE: Hold On
Author: xfortytwo
STATUS: One shot
SUMMARY: "Still, she knew she looked pale and drawn. She knew she was barely eating, that her company was as entertaining as that of a Dementor, and she was certainly aware of the concerned glances Ginny threw her way from time to time. But it could easily be explained by general worry during these difficult times. It was not that she enjoyed lying to those she considered her family, it was merely that she certainly would not enjoy being shunned and brushed off. Besides, they did not need to know.
Ignoring the baffled crowd completely, he bent down and kissed her hair gently, and then rested his chin on the top of her head. None of them spoke for several moments. All they did was cling to each other, knowing how close the call had been. Then he reached out and ran the palm of his hands over her hair, coming to rest on her tear-stained cheeks. He held her face in his arms, taking a small step back to look her in the eyes.

“I know we haven’t been that serious,” he suddenly said, but then seemed to fall thoughtful. “Or at least we never thought we were. I told myself it was just your company and your warm embrace keeping me coming back. That it was all just for comfort in a difficult time.”

His eyes held her in an affectionate expression as he seemed to gather his thoughts. She just looked back at him with large eyes, waiting for him to continue.